Image of Movie Style Clone Armor + Phase 1 or 2 Helmet (Kit)

Movie Style Clone Armor + Phase 1 or 2 Helmet (Kit)

$500.00 - $700.00

This DIY armor set is perfect for making any of your favorite Clone characters!

About my work:

These pieces are all painstakingly crafted in traditional medium and all hand sculpting, woodworking and machining for these pieces have been done by me alone. My pieces come cast and formed using the highest quality materials available.

Armor is made using vacuum formed ABS plastic.
Belt and straps are made using urethane rubber.
Helmet and belt packs made using urethane casting resin.

Kit includes:

1x Chest and back piece
1x Waist pieces
1x Lower torso pieces
1x Right and left thigh piece
1x Right and left knee piece
1x Right and left shin piece
1x Right and left shoulder
1x Right and left bicep
1x Right and left elbow
1x Right and left forearms
1x Right and left hand caps
1x Rubber belt set and belt packs
2x Rubber shoulder straps
1x Set of casted attachment

Size Chart:

Chest - 54"
Waist - 46"
Bicep - 16"
Forearm - 16"
Wrist - 13"
Thigh - 30"
Shin - 22"

Height Estimate - 5'6" to 6'4"

*PLEASE NOTE: Sizes can be adjusted during user assembly*

Helmets are a guaranteed one-size-fits-all

Please message for deadlines or questions if needed!

*ARC Trooper Option coming soon*

Estimated delivery: 3 to 4 months

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